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Drink coffee, save animals
Bjorn brews up his favorite drinks and always keeps his pawed friends in mind.

Bjorn the Swedish Australian Shepherd has devoted his adventurous life to discovering quality, gourmet coffee and specialty beverages. He and his friends love nothing more then a great cup of coffee before heading into the backcountry for some fresh tracks or a mountain run.

Bjorn's Best Bud

Meet Lola!
Hobbies: Chasing her tennis ball
Age: 7
Drink: Chai Frapp
Breed: Mini Golden Doodle

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Pet of the Week
Your Best Bud may be featured as Pet of the week. If selected you are entitled to free drinks the week of the selection and your pet’s photo and hobbies will be displayed along with the special drink for the week. Bjorn is friends with all animals including cats, birds, fish, rabbits, and ferrets just to name a few; so Bjorn’s Bud does not necessarily have to be a dog.

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